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February 18, 2011


As of now, this club is now being co-run by SnowpirateRoy and alphabet-pie.
We'll try to keep it active, but that really all depends on who out there is still interested in 412.

And now it's time for an obligatory active watcher count:

:star: What do you like most about 412? :star:

I'm interested to know what people think, so please leave comments!

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ever-so-much Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011
:XD: Very fringe fan of KH, but so glad to see there are other people who ship 4x12! I got utterly converted after reading [link] a while back. Vexen and Larxene would be so delightfully dysfunctional IMO--the sort of pair that would continue to argue while getting all sorts of rough and intimate. Plus there's no way of knowing if either of them would be spiteful enough to just quit. Potentially huge mindscrew with the lack of hearts and mutual hostility.
alphabet-pie Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
I agree! I think we're very much a minority crew - but we're still here and kicking. XD
It's the unpredictability, I think, for both the reader and the characters themselves. And that even if they did share something more than simple lust, neither of them would even notice - let alone admit it.
QueenGalux Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011
Oooooh, I has answers~! Dx

It's a tricky question, to be honest. I read this post hours ago and have thought on-and-off since then about what my answer would be. Ultimately, I think it's because it is SO OBVIOUS a pairing... yet has such a seemingly small fanbase. I think I like rooting for the underdog... Dx

That and their personalities and general backgrounds; they mix in a good way, like Reeses. =D

And since I'm not above checking out other people's answers: "Baxelis - It's also the only convincing non-slash pairing in KH." Gotta agree with this.

...Though I've got a soft spot now for 4/11/12. ^^; (I blame "The Renegades" for that.)

And while we're all re-situating our group: could I get bumped down to something else? Dx I'm only at Co-Founder level because *hclarcy needed help once with changing who the Founder was. I just feel awkward being so high up when I never do anything. ><;
alphabet-pie Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2011
I'm the same with a lot of pairings. It's like I love them more because they're not exactly popular...
I think for me 412 has a lot of the same attraction of 411; there's this constant battle between the two parties for power and domination that neither of them even notice the growing attachment <3

I have to agree with that; there really aren't enough non-slash pairings in KH. Or indeed non-slash fans!

I will legitimately ship almost any combination of Vexen, Marluxia, Larxene and Naminé. Except Larxene/Naminé, which is very pretty but I've never been able to get into it.

Sure, I think I can change your status! Do you want to be a contributor or a just member?
QueenGalux Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2011
True. Though if Larxene could just simmer down a tad and if Vexen could just grow out of his "girls have cooties" phase, then [POOF!] the battling could die down and TWUE WUV (...or something like it) could blossom. [/lol]

Yeah, although I think that's a pandemic across all fandoms. Like a plague. It's just not cool to ship het, it seems. =(

Ah Namine. Truth be told, I never really think of her legitimately paired with anyone. (Maybe Repliku and Sora.) I suppose I could go for some Namine/Marluxia; I remember getting a vibe of that in one of Re:CoM's cutscenes. xD;

Fff, well at first I was gonna be all flexible in case I could be of use, but since it took me over THREE DAYS to even respond to this...
Member. Pro'ly just a member. ._.
alphabet-pie Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2011
Oh, I'm not sure it would be true love... but I'm sure they would have a deep and passionate connection between them (even if they'd never admit it.)

Yeah, I've seen it around a lot. It saddens me, because there are so many possibilities with heterosexual pairings, just like homosexual ones. But it's just not the in thing, or something u__u

I'm... not going to lie, I have a (not so) secret love of Vexen/Naminé. It's completely inexplicable and unfounded and totally adorable. *squeals like an idiot* Naminé/Marluxia is fun, but it's a whole lot more sinister, in a way. Marluxia's such a suave predator u__u Vexen's just... hopeless.
And I love him for it. <3

Ahaha, duly changed. And it's all good, sometimes it takes me weeks to reply to things |D
QueenGalux Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2011
No, of course not- hence the previous, toddler-style misspelling.

It sure seems like it sometimes... =__= (I mean, I have my personal stock of favorite guy/guy pairings. And when it comes to "teh pr0ns", the sky's the limit... I dunno, I think I just have inarticulatable, personal issues on the subject. [/fails])

xD I can see the appeal. Back when I was making characters for an original story (oh the past Dx), I had two characters similar to Vexen and Namine that were in an awkward sort-of-romance with each other. It was cute.

Hooray~ As an afterthought, I should probably do something 412-ish for this coming April 12th. Maybe I'll just pull out that last sketch I did and try to fix it up and color it...
Dx I'm so bad at remembering to do these things in a timely manner; poor 511 has never gotten any fanart or fanfare from me, ever.
alphabet-pie Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2011
/we were talking about terrible punctuality in replying to comments? XD

Don't worry, I'm failing too. My head and my emotions don't even seem to have the same view when it comes to het/homo pairings, let alone expressing them XD

I think it's the awkward romance that just draws me in forever. Any kind of awkward romance is the cutest thing to me, no matter the setting or orientation.

Oh God, that means 4-11 is coming up. I've so far managed something every time since I came into the fandom... and now I can't let myself down.
511? You're into that sort of thing? An interesting pairing; I'd always loved the whole elemental thing, plants flourishing in soil and all, but I never really explored it any further than that...
QueenGalux Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2011
Dx Honestly, I don't remember anymore... And I can't bring myself to look back a few comments to figure it out... So I'll just say 'derp, yes'. DDx

GAHH. I don't think I'll be doing anything for these poor pairings this year... A couple weeks ago it wouldn't 've been so bad, but I've got cosplays to make from start to finish before sometime in May. ='< I is the worst fan evar.

<3 511. I usually pick on pairings similar to something like Zemyx, where the characters have never shared any substantial (if any at all) screen-time or dialogue with each other... but after reading a not-so-consensual scene between them in a fic, I've made an exception with Mar/Lex. They just kinda grew on me, I think.
alphabet-pie Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011
I think that this is the best way. XD

Yeah, I just found out that all my exams are before half term this year... so I might have to be focusing on those until May orz;;

I think there's a few pairings that just fit together nicely enough to make up for the characters never actually having seen each other (not that, lol, I can think of any right now). I'm not sure I can comment on that anyway, since most of the pairings I ship are between people who hate each other in canon XD

Mar/Lex is growing on me right as we speak. Just saying. |D
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